What Hypnotherapy can do for you

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (SFH) can help with problems ranging from sleeping problems to eating disorders - as well as physical problems such as psoriasis. It can work to improve sporting performance and even calm nerves if you are planning your driving test!

SFH can help with the following and many other difficulties:

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (SFH) works using Brain Mapping (derived from the latest innovations in neuroscience) to create an understanding of the science behind our thoughts, emotions and behaviours, along with deep relaxation and hypnotherapeutic techniques, to access our inner resourcefulness to make changes that you may not have thought possible.

Developing an understanding of what drives your behaviours and how to make positive changes can be life changing. Hypnotherapy has the advantage of being able to directly access your subconscious mind while you are in trance to promote healthier and more positive ways of thinking and behaving



How Hypnotherapy helps

We all know what it is like to be a trance. When we are driving and arrive at our destination hardly able to remember the journey - then you have been in trance. Your brain has been busy sorting things out on a subconscious level. Indeed, this is how memories and learned experiences are laid down for us. So in trance we are easily able to access the subconscious mind to change thinking patterns. Hypnotherapy will help you to enter a state of trance that will allow you to create a more positive and relaxed atttitude towards life, increase your self esteem and confidence

In SFH you work with the therapist to identify solutions by enabling you to access the amazing resource of the subconscious mind.

The initial consultation

During the initial consultation, we make sure that we feel comfortable with working with each other. We will discuss what your goals and agree a plan - including the likely number of sessions required. I will talk you through how the process of how hypnotherapy works. Hypnotherapy for smoking usually only requires one 2 hour session. For other needs, trance-work commences at our second meeting.


During the treatment sessions, we work together to enable you to gain an understanding of the factors that work to drive and perpetuate your difficulties. You will then be guided into a trance to allow you to access your subconscious. You remain aware of and in control of the process throughout. Hypnotherapy works to increase your awareness. Contrary to popular belief, you cannot be made to do anything that you do not wish and can only work to increase your self-efficacy. Working to help you to improve your thought processes and to improve restorative rest and sleep SFH will allow you to make changes and cope much more effectively with life's challenges.